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Welcome to The Cocoa Tree.
I'm glad you chose to take a look at the collection. I have a small variety of your scholarly needs, feel free to take a look in the Stock tab.

The Cocoa Tree is a non-profit organization that offers school supplies at little or no cost to you. Any and all appreciated earnings and donations are used to purchase new materials.

*Delivery options*
There are a few ways to receive your product.
By EMAIL or NOTE with the list of desired materials and delivery option.
Locker: 463

Option 1: Locker delivery
Leave your locker '#' and/or 'name'. I'll deliver the next day or when next avaliable.

Option 2: Meeting Place
State your name and a place to meet at a certain time.
(It's best to arrange exchange before hand to ensure guaranteed delivery of product.)

Option 3: Drop off Location
State an appropriate location you wish me to deliver your materials.

Option 4: Home delivery
(NOT recomended)
This must be pre-arranged. Not all home deliveries are possible.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Email me or leave a note in the drop off location.

Email replies usually are made witin 24 hours.
Drop off's are checked every morning and at the end of the day.

Please note, These items are gently used.
( More information provided with product. )

Contact Info

Email: thecocoatree17@gmail.com Phone: Text: @thecocoa to 81010 Other info: Google plus