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Welcome to the stock page.

Here you can find various items that can suit your needs. Just scroll through the bar at the top to find what category suits your desires.

To place an order:

1st- locate your desired item

2nd- copy the item code below the price

3rd- Fill out the fourm through google plus here or click here to open an email

If your device cannot perform either of these functions, separately email: thecocoatree17@gmail.com

Item Condition Descriptions

Greatly used. Functional but not desired. Perfect for 1 time or "don't care" use.

Clearly used. Still functional, but not really pretty.

Comparable to new. Minor damage such as marks and small creases.

Comparable to brand new. Slight and minimal imperfections, if at any all.

Contact Info

Email: thecocoatree17@gmail.com Phone: Text: @thecocoa to 81010 Other info: Google plus